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Tyler Gold

Gold's Guide is written and published by me, Tyler Gold. Sometimes an AI helps. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

AI fascinates me, and I want to document and explore this awesome and intimidating new technology. I’m particularly interested in the ethics of AI: how will it change us? How is it already changing us?

When I’m not thinking about the pros and cons of AI singularity I’m probably distracting myself by watching F1 racing, playing video games, or reading a sci-fi book.

More about me on my personal website.

AI or Human?

I use code formatting to denote when large portions of text were generated by AI — any time you see words in a monospace font like this, it means it was generated by an AI model, usually ChatGPT. All of the words in the serif typeface you are reading now (it’s called Fraunces) are quotes from other humans or written by yours truly. I always read every word generated by AI before publishing it and often make slight edits for brevity or cohesion. I think this is important.

All images featured at the top of articles are generated by OpenAI’s DALL-E 2. These are easy to spot by looking for the five squares watermark in the bottom-right corner.

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Updated 17 January 2023