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Tyler Gold

Gold's Guide is published by me, Tyler Gold. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

Gold’s Guide is my content curriculum for the internet — the best content I’ve read, watched, or listened to.

During the day, I work on social media strategy for Barstool Sports. Before that I worked at VICE Media, and The Verge.

My personal website:

Ethics Statement

I write Gold's Guide because I love learning. I think that the content we consume on the internet has a major impact on why, how, and what we learn.

Articles may occasionally contain affiliate links to products on Amazon. In other words: clicking on links on this website helps me out. All links to Amazon on this site are affiliates that make me a small profit.

Please note that this is a passion project, and everything I say on this website is for entertainment purposes only; I'm not a financial advisor, professor, lawyer, or therapist. All opinions on this website — good or bad — are exclusively mine.

Tech Stack

I love learning about the tools that other people use to build their online businesses. Here's a list of my current tech stack:

Ghost — Gold's Guide Website CMS

Plausible — privacy friendly analytics

Notion — Public Database CMS

Super — Public Database styles and hosting

Cloudflare — domain management

Rebrandly — short-link redirects

iA Writer — text-editor for writing on my phone

Atom — text-editor for theme editing

Adobe Photoshop — (image editing)

iPhone 14 Pro — (my main computer)

MacBook Air with M1 processor — (wrote about it)

Updated 9 October 2022