When the drama at OpenAI was unfolding in fall 2023, many people found themselves looking to roon — who was widely known for working in an undisclosed research role at OpenAI — for his perspective on the short-term future instead of the longer term thinking he has primarily become known for.

Despite his secret identity, roon has become recognized for his ability to eloquently (and sometimes, not-so-eloquently) explain elaborate ideas.

roon’s grandiloquent commentary on tech and AI attracted a following on X months before he would become widely recognized for starting the shape rotators vs. wordcel meme.

In early February 2022, VICE even interviewed him about the idea — where they also described him as a “prolific shitposter”.

This sounds like something a wordcel would write.

Even though roon’s day job is researching cutting-edge AI concepts for major companies... the shape rotators vs. wordcels meme has clearly taken on a life of its own.

It didn’t take long for some of the most prominent personalities on the internet to get involved.

This was hilarious.

This was a surprise.

This was totally unexpected.


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