We’re still in the early days of artificial intelligence technology, but ever since the release of ChatGPT, there’s been an explosion of new YouTube channels, newsletters, and Twitter accounts covering the AI space, including this one.

Here are ten of the best AI newsletters, YouTube channels, and Twitter accounts that I’ve found so far.

This list of AI resources includes four newsletters, three YouTube channels, and three Twitter accounts — all of which are genuinely worth your time.

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Ben’s Bites

A daily email that I find myself returning to every day. Ben’s Bites almost reminds me a bit of HackerNews because it’s primarily composed of a bunch of headlines and links, although lately there have been brief articles at the top. It’s very simple but also very dense. It takes a lot time to unpack all of the links. Somehow every edition is full of value — there’s a lot going on in AI.

The newsletter that convinced me to subscribe: A breakout year for AI, and basically every subsequent newsletter I read after that.

L-Space Diaries

This is the kind of stuff I’m here for. New editions are only “occasional”, but they’re worth the wait. Shawn @swyz Wang started this newsletter in September 2022 with a bang: his Multiverse, not Metaverse article is full of genuinely fresh perspectives on AI. I won’t spoil it here — go read it. His focus on “productized generative AI” means he approaches the AI trend from the perspective of a product manager or engineer. Very practical.

Also: the links. The links are so, so good. It takes me three times longer to read each edition than it should because I’m constantly clicking out to see what he’s referencing and pulling myself out of rabbit holes to return to finish the article.

The newsletter that convinced me to subscribe: I forget how I found this one on Prompt Engineering, but that was my gateway into L-Space. I quickly found myself with like, 20 tabs open, reading everything. The “Multiverse, not Metaverse piece” is fantastic.

The Road to AI We Can Trust

Gary Marcus is perhaps best known as something of an AI critic, which is the best reason to include in your AI media diet. He’s funny, thoughtful, and detailed. He’s also hyper-qualified. Check out the first paragraph of his Wikipedia page:

Gary F. Marcus (born February 8, 1970) is a professor emeritus of psychology and neural science at New York University.[1][2]In 2014 he founded Geometric Intelligence, a machine-learning company later acquired by Uber.[3][4] Marcus's books include Guitar Zero, which appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list,[5] and Kluge, which was a New York Times Editors' Choice.[6]

The newsletter that convinced me to subscribe: this great piece comparing Jurassic Park to AI. There’s that famous scene where Jeff Bridges calmly refutes the park’s motives — “your scientists were so preoccupied with if they could, they never stopped to think if they should” — which Marcus uses to approach some of the inherent threats of AI.

Stories by AI

“Short stories written, illustrated, and narrated with the help of AI.” The about page says there’s a team of three working on the project, each of whom have interesting backgrounds. Stories are surprisingly detailed and more compelling than I expected.

The story that convinced me to subscribe: this exciting story about a wild adventure told from the perspective of the chief-of-staff to a made-up-Florida governor.

YouTube channels

All About AI

Detailed, practical tutorial videos on how to use generative AI models like ChatGPT and MidJourney to actually accomplish things. He’s made stories entirely with AI, and then illustrated them with MidJourney. He’s also made videos on how to get better results from ChatGPT by prompting it in specific ways (this kind of stuff has been going around Twitter for a while but it’s still interesting to see the latest versions of it). Very pragmatic approach to AI and a great learning resource.

The channel is run by an endearing Norwegian named Kris. He deserves more subscribers.

The video that convinced me to subscribe: This story generated entirely using ChatGPT and MidJourney. The most interesting part about what he did here was figuring out how to get MidJourney to recreate the same character in different environments. He created a detailed explainer video of his entire process, too.

Two minute papers

Quick, informative animated videos about science. For the last several weeks they’ve been focusing on AI.

The enthusiasm of the narrator, TKTKK isn't he a scientist? KTKTK is contagious. He loves this stuff. These videos demonstrate the idea that someone who truly understands a concept can explain it concisely. Brief, informative, and fun.

The video that convinced me to subscribe: This fantastic video telling the story of how OpenAI trained an AI model to “break” hide-and-seek. Lots of footage from the actual demonstration with cheerfully informative narration.

Scale AI

Scale AI is actually a significant force in the AI space; the founder Alexandr Wang became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at only 25. They’re also the only company that’s featured on this list. If you can filter through the promotional stuff on their channel you can find a wealth of incredible interviews.

The video that convinced me to subscribe: I binge-watched the interviews that Alexandr held with various AI technology leaders including Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI), Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google), Greg Brockman (President of OpenAI), Thomas Kurian (CEO of Google Cloud), and Emad Mostaque (CEO of Stability AI).

Twitter accounts

AI Breakfast

As of this writing, AI Breakfast is only three editions into their weekly newsletter — but they’re already getting quote-tweeted by MKBHD with over 13.5k followers. It’s for good reason: they use Twitter to quickly report timely news stories, write threads, and drop takes. Good follow.

I find it interesting that there’s absolutely zero information about an author for AI Breakfast listed anywhere on their Twitter or newsletter. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Riley Goodside

Riley is the world’s first “staff prompt engineer” for Scale AI (who I mentioned above in the YouTube section). His Twitter account is full of galaxy-brain interactions with generative AI.


Dude’s hilarious.

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