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Gold's Guide to What's Good and What's Next

Technology, information, and style for today and tomorrow.

These two questions are both inherently optimistic, and that's intentional.

Rather than viewing the world through a comparative lens (good vs. bad, hot vs. cold, do vs. don't, wired vs. tired), the intention of asking "what's good" and "what's next" is to orient around action: read this book, watch this video, download this app, use this tool, etc. Click below to browse the archives.

Topics covered include the tech (apps and tools), information (books and concepts), and new economies (platforms and paradigms) that are shaping the future of the 21st century and beyond. I reserve the right to throw in a wild-card here and there.

My favorite articles so far are about Day One (literally my favorite app ever), Brave (a web browser that pays you cryptocurrency for viewing ads), and the Apple M1 chip (a computer processor that made the Mac fun for me again).

The Public Database

Supplementing the Gold's Guide magazine is the Public Database: my personal user's manual to the most innovative platforms and personalities in tech and media. There's a lot of internet out there, and this database has helped me keep track of things — so I'm opening it up for everyone to access.

Think of the Public Database as a constantly growing, personally maintained encyclopedia of everything I write about on Gold's Guide.

The Public DB launched with 176 entries (94 platforms and 82 personalities), and includes over 210 records as of May 2021. Clicking each card expands that record into a dedicated page containing a brief description, associations with other entries in the DB, and links for learning more. Access the Public Database.

The Reading Roster

The Reading Roster isn't about what you should read — it's about who you should read.

The Reading Roster is a regularly updated reading list of the most innovative writers on the internet.

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