Hey, early adopters—

I've been working on some exciting new stuff for Gold's Guide over the last couple of weeks, and I can't wait to share it with you. More coming soon.

In the meantime, I'm changing up the email format. Let's get into it.

What's Good

My original plan was to send two emails per week; one about what's good and one about what's next.

I'm all about constraints to enable creativity, but after doing this for a couple of weeks, I realized that the two emails per week thing wasn't working for me.

So I'm changing it up.

What's Next

Instead of sending emails every time a new article is published, we're going to try something else: a weekly email. At the beginning of the week, members who have joined the Private Library will get the latest from Gold's Guide sent to their email inbox.

To start, each edition of the new Gold's Guide Weekly will be broken out into a few sections:

  1. What's Good — links to new articles about what's good on Gold's Guide that have been published that week, or a singular thought, like this edition.
  2. What's Next — links to new articles about what's next recently published on Gold's Guide, updates on works-in-progress, and overall predictions on what's next in an industry or economy.
  3. Nuggets — links, quotes, and tiny tidbits of value to brighten up your email inbox.

This email follows that template, with some tweaks. Welcome to the prequel edition, #000.


New articles on Gold's Guide

4:22 is a densely ethereal album from Kanye West and Travis Scott producer Mike Dean

22 June, 2021 (4 min read)

4:22 is orchestral but modern, ethereal while still being earthly, in a way unlike any other music I've heard.

This is an album to get lost in.

Click here to read more.

Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” is a classic sci-fi novel that only gets better with age

23 June, 2021 (2 min read)

This book is like a fine wine that only gets better with time.

As I like to say: always read the book before the movie.

Click here to read more.

Telegram is the best messaging app that's not iMessage

2 July 2021 (3 min read)

There are tons of messaging apps out there. My favorite one that's not iMessage is Telegram.

Telegram is free, fast, and reliable; it's minimal where it needs to be, and elaborate where it can be.

Click here to read more.

Learning by doing

Paul Graham, founder of YCombinator, on the importance of a Project of One's Own:

If I had to choose between my kids getting good grades and working on ambitious projects of their own, I'd pick the projects.

Makes me think of the difference between doing and being.

via @naval-

Simon Sarris seems to share Paul Graham's sentiment in his article about agency:

We seem to have a political (public) imagination so shallow that it cannot conceive of what to even do with children, especially smart children. We fail to properly respect them all the way through adolescence, so we have engineered them to be useless in the interim. We do not need children to work, that is abundantly clear, but by ensuring there is nothing for them to do we are also sure to destroy more onramps towards making meaningful contributions to the world.

That said, I think this slightly discounts the impact that internet and particularly social media sites has had on the democratization of fame. There are more kids who have become famous because of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok than we'd even care to admit. Computer programming is another clear example (mentioned in this article) of an area for free expression.

But outside of entertainment and programming, it seems to be increasingly difficult for a child to get involved in their interests early on.

Still; it feels like it should be easier? What do you think, is it easier to get work experience now or is it more difficult? Reply to this email and let me know.

Some inspiring tweets about agency

via @samsheffer

In case you're wondering:

This format feels a lot more natural to me — it's also hidden from the homepage and the link is only viewable for members who have joined the Private Library. Feels good to me.

As always, feel free to reply to this email with your thoughts on the new format.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Looking forward,
Tyler Gold

PS — I'm doing a podcast

My friend Sam Sheffer and I are officially halfway through our limited-edition summertime podcast, Summer School. New episodes drop every Sunday until the end of July.

Each episode clocks in at around 45 minutes — click here to listen to our July 4th episode or click here to start from episode 1.