Meet your guides to staying ahead of the curve

The Reading Roster isn't a list of what you should read — it's a list of who you should read.

Rather than sorting the best pieces of information (links to individual articles, podcasts, videos, etc.), the Reading Roster curates the best sources of information.

Sources in the Reading Roster are broadly organized by frequency of updates:

📕 Daily (updates at least three times per week)
📗 Weekly (updates at least twice monthly)
📘 Monthly (updates at least once per month)
📙 Rarely (surprises)

The Reading Roster

The must-read writers for innovators, creators, and early adopters who want to stay ahead of the curve with tech and media.

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The above list is automatically updated when new editions are released.

Easy-to-import into popular RSS reading apps including NetNewsWire, Reeder, and Feedbin.


Members in the Private Library get access to a convenient .OPML file which can be easily imported into any RSS reading app to act as the basis of your own all natural newsfeed. The file is updated at least once a month as updates are made to the Reading Roster.

Bring your own reading app

The best RSS reading apps in 2021

There's still a ton of great options for RSS reading apps in 2021 — and the Reading Roster is compatible with every one of them.

Here's a list of some of the best RSS reading apps right now:

Here's a preview of the Reading Roster feed in NetNewsWire on iPhone, and below, in Feedbin on iPad. Each of the different sections of the Roster are regularly updated with new publications as I discover them, so the sources listed here won't always be the same.

The product is a promise

Your time and attention is valuable. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of ways for us to spend any moment on the internet, and so big tech companies have created elaborate algorithms to save us time by helping us decide where to focus our attention. They filter out the noise for us.

Contrary to the thesis of films like The Social Dilemma, I don't have a problem with big tech, social media, or their algorithms. They provide a valuable service, but it's also one that's no longer especially interesting for me — and I think that there are others who feel the same way.

Instead of entrusting your attention to an algorithm designed by big tech, the Private Library is about trusting an individual person to consistently curate a more personal reading list. That's me.

My promise is that I'll provide you with a reading list that will help you stay ahead of the curve, curating the most interesting sources of information on the internet; and that I'll keep that list consistently updated with the freshest sources as I discover them. I'll do this job so you don't have to.

My goal is to create a win-win scenario, a positive-sum game, where the more people who join and read the Reading Roster sparks a virtuous cycle where being added to the Reading Roster provides a huge readership boost to new authors.

My hope is that over time, the Reading Roster will be able to grow, evolve, and expand into mediums like video and podcasts, and topics beyond tech, media, and innovation. I'm interested in everything from philosophy and wealth to food and fashion. For now, we're just focused on innovation and early adopters. Who better to start with?

The product I'm providing you is that promise — and I'm telling you my goals and hopes for it now so that we can make it happen, together.

Jobs to be done

It's time to build — together

Here's my pitch to you, the prospective early adopter.

Like Ben Thompson (an author included on the Reading Roster) has said about his paid Daily Updates at Stratechery: the product I'm selling is a service that I'm providing for you, not the OPML file that you import into your reading list.

Ben doesn't sell an email, he sells his unique perspective and analysis on the impact of technology on business and media, educating his readers to his perceptions to enhance their own insights. Casey Newton discussed a similar idea in an interview with Substack about how to get started with a subscription business.

Clayton Christenssen, the late, great Harvard professor of business who coined the phrase disruptive innovation, called this a "job to be done" — in other words, you are hiring the Private Library to do a job on your behalf.

That job is, as mentioned, curation. The hardest part of maintaining an RSS reading list is keeping it curated! This is the very strength of RSS when compared to social newsfeeds; the customizability. This can be a sword that cuts both ways: options are good until they become overwhelming. The Private Library is a way to offload some of that cognitive work. If it's time to build, then I say we do it together.

New True Fans

This entire model is built on the expectation that if want to try the Private Library, you'll stick around for at least a couple of months, and the anticipation that you'll join annually for a significant discount (details further below). The value from the Private Library is in the community.

The Private Library isn't about finding 1,000 true fans for Gold's Guide. It's about creating a platform where the innovators of the future can find their 1,000 true fans.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Free Cultural Work

The Private Library is a free cultural work as licensed by the Creative Commons.

Once you become a member in the Private Library, you're allowed to copy, share, remix, or even publish your own Reading Roster, with only two conditions:

  1. If you share copies of the Reading Roster with friends, reference Gold's Guide as the inspiration and original template.
  2. If you remix your own Reading Roster, you must license it under the same Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license so that it remains a Free Cultural work.

If you create your own version of a Reading Roster, get in touch with me and I'll add your roster to the Public Database so it can be shared with others.