Naval’s early podcast interviews with Tim Ferriss, Shane Parish, and Joe Rogan are among those shows’ most popular episodes for good reason.

The now famous “how to get rich” essay was years ahead of its time, and succinctly it explained Naval’s approach to building wealth.

One of the most talked about tweets of all time.

It almost feels like Naval is sharing ideas that have been previously kept secret amongst an exclusive group of “wealthy” people, and this is his effort to level the playing field. At the same time, these concepts all feel instantly familiar and almost obvious in retrospect.

The influence these ideas have had on modern entrepreneurship culture is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that the wisdom shared by Naval in his various posts, podcast appearances, and essays have literally been curated into a book (which has over 16.7 thousand reviews on Amazon with a 4.7 star average).

Photo of Naval Ravikant via TechCrunch

Naval Ravikant’s work as an angel investor (and building AngelList) is impressive, but his philosophies continue to resonate as more people are introduced to the new digital economy.


Naval’s conversation with Joe Rogan (which was published before Joe switched to Spotify) has over 11.5 million views on YouTube.


The Almanack of Naval Ravikant — a book collecting the various ideas and concepts that Naval has become famous for over the years. The Almanack was curated and edited by Eric Jorgenson, with illustrations by Jack Butcher, and a Foreword by Tim Ferriss.

How to Get Rich full essay — a one-page compilation of Naval’s famous “How to get rich (without getting lucky)” 2018 Twitter thread. I recommend listening to the podcast version.

Naval Podcast — a podcast where Naval has interviewed thought-leaders such as Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, and David Deutsch, a Professor of Physics at Oxford University.

Tim Ferriss interviews with Naval Ravikant: 2015 | 2020

Shane Parish interview with Naval Ravikant on The Knowledge Project: 2019