Want to quit the morning scroll, but aren't quite yet ready to roll your own custom newsfeed?

The Morning Brew is what's good. This is a great way to start a healthy new reading habit.

Each email starts off with a look at the high level market details of the day, including the price of Bitcoin, then dives right into the headline story. The newsletter in the lead photo for this article was headlined by the IPO for Oatly.

The Morning Brew is the best gateway into the world of creating a more personalized information feed. It's also a fascinatingly successful example of a new media business.

The business of a media business is what's next

The Morning Brew started off small but has seen explosive growth recently — so much so that founding CEO Alex Lieberman has stepped into an executive chairman role. His cofounder Austin Rief has stepped into the CEO position to operate the next stage of the company.

Alex and Austin have cultivated a fascinating new media brand in the Morning Brew.

Now that Alex has moved into the chairman role, he's started producing a lot of content, including the Founder's Journal, a podcast where he shares the trials and tribulations of life as the cofounder of a prolific new media company.

The Brew has begun to build a Twitterverse where their staff each becomes a personality in their own right. All they have to do is participate in promoting the company and stories of the day with their colleagues.

I hope to see more of the next generation of media follow this kind of model; it's almost like studying from the school of a certain artist.

Are there any media companies or creators doing exciting things when it comes to collaboration like this? Let me know what you think below.