After asking Steve Jobs about Apple’s plans for podcast RSS feeds and how involved the company would get with publishers, investor and Weblogs founder Jason Calacanis hit Steve with an absolute zinger.

Jason: Will you be able to add any podcast RSS feed to iTunes, or is it only through the store?

Steve: You'll be able to add anything you want, completely open — just working with the open standards.

Jason: And will you help companies like ours, like be an audible? So if we wanted to sell a podcast through your service, would you help us do the fulfillment?

Steve: Um, you know, we’re planning on having all the podcasts be free at first, but zing me an email with what you’ve got in mind, we’re open to everything.

Jason: Same email I always send it to?

I love historical moments like this that reinforce a person’s status as a badass. Having the wit to hit Steve with a joke like that on your way out is some A+ stuff from Jcal. Totally fits in with the energy Jason gives off in his two podcasts (This Week in Startups and All-In — one of my current must-listens).

If you like seeing powerful tech executives humanized, check out @TechEmails — an incredible Twitter account that posts leaked emails from the biggest names in tech. A few of my favorites:

Get wrecked, LiveJournal.

Java was the programming language they built Android with.

Talk about a missed opportunity. Feels like Twitter’s still trying to get their act together eight years later.