Saving articles to read later with Instapaper is what's good.

The fundamental premise of Instapaper hasn't changed since it was introduced in 2008:

Instapaper is a game-changer if you spend a lot of time reading online, especially from platforms with lots of interesting links, like Twitter or Substack. After Day One, Instapaper is my favorite app.

It's free, reliable, convenient, and — like Day One — the longer you use it the more valuable it becomes. Once you've built up a big enough library, the optional premium feature turns Instapaper into a searchable archive of everything you've ever read. Well worth the $30 per year.

My Instapaper archive is like having perfect recall of all the things I've read over the last decade.

Instapaper is available on the web and has apps for iOS and Android.

I prefer Instapaper over Pocket for its simplicity and indie mentality, and because I've been using it for so long — my Instapaper library currently has 6,895 links saved, starting on December 28, 2010.