Clubhouse is what's good — and it looks like it's going to be what's next.

Like podcasts, Clubhouse is audio-only. Unlike podcasts, Clubhouse is live.

It's an exclusive, invite-only app (for now) that kinda mimics the feeling of being at a big party. There are all these different groups of people, and you can walk up to different groups of people and listen to or join in on their conversations.

This is part of what makes it so special. Ben Thompson pointed "Clubhouse's Inevitability" in a world of podcasts:

Clubhouse centralizes creation and consumption into a tight feedback loop. In fact, conversation consumers can, by raising their hand and being recognized by the moderator, become creators in a matter of seconds.

This is transformational. Because every converation on Clubhouse is live, anyone listening can immediately hop "on stage" and start speaking. It's like AirPods — easy.

The fact that the app is audio-only is what really stands out in a world dominated by video. It's nice.

It's is already becoming a hotspot for influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.

Elon Musk interviewed Vlad Tenev, the founder of Robinhood. Rappers are hanging out with fans. NFT artists are talking about the huge new auction records. Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank has a regular show. Joe Budden just had an interview with the CEO of Patreon. Comedians are trolling tech founders. People speaking every language you can imagine from all around the world. There are even religious sermons!

Clubhouse is the perfect pandemic app. Will it continue to be as popular in 2021 and beyond?

Clubhouse is available for iPhone.

You'll need an invite to join, though. I'm @tylergold if you want to talk.

July 2021 update:

Clubhouse itself does not appear to be what's next; but the feature of live audio rooms isn't going anywhere. Stay tuned to Twitter Spaces and Spotify Greenroom.

Are Clubhouse rooms to Snapchat stories as Snapchat stories were to Instagram stories?