Gold’s Guide to AI — 5 February 2023

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The main story this week: Bing is coming in hot.

After that, a smorgasbord of good information about artificial intelligence that will get you ahead of the curve.

  1. The search engine you probably forgot about seems to be building a new AI powered search engine that might actually rival Google search.
  2. Good app alert: Artifact, the new app from the guys who made Instagram
  3. Why I’m canning my AI experiment
  4. These people are not real
  5. Eliminate the average

Let’s get into it.

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1. Google is in trouble

Rumors surfaced this week of a redesigned version of... Bing.

That’s right, remember Bing? The oddly named search engine that Microsoft launched way back in 2009 (seriously, check Wikipedia) finally seems positioned to actually beat Google at their own game.

Only a couple of weeks after Microsoft announced their renewed partnership with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, we’re seeing Microsoft implement artificial intelligence tech into Microsoft Teams.

This then lead to a flurry of rumors that Bing was next.

The most interesting were these probably-fake-but-still-interesting images of what an AI-enhanced version of Bing search might look like (or might actually look like already).

Images via Owen Yin, maybe even created by him?

Real or not, Bing is certainly working on something like this.

I’m skeptical because this Owen Yin guy is seemingly the only person who has access to this new version of Bing,. Smells kinda fishy.

His bio says he’s a designer; I can’t help but think that this would be an incredible stunt to drive some attention to a portfolio. The Verge published an admittedly skeptical piece about this, but if this dude faked everyone out and designed these himself, I have to congratulate him on the press.

Either way, I know I’m not alone when I say that Google search has been bad lately. Getting worse over the years, even. I think the biggest reason why this is happening is... money.