I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read

~2,200 words, 8 minute read

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A seminal short story — and more positive than last week’s read — I, Pencil is told from the perspective of the humble lead pencil.

The materials used to create a pencil are no secret, but Leonard E. Read uncovers the untold truth: the manufacturing of a pencil is an immense feat of human collaboration, and demonstrates the vast unseen collaboration and cooperation of humans who will never meet each other.


Symbolism of Smoking by Meme Analysis

9 minutes, 12 seconds

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This enigmatic video takes the infamous “lucky cigarette” and omnipresent Bic lighter and uses them to launch into an illuminating and elaborate story combining smoking, David Bowie, Phillip K. Dick, and the devil. Equally weird and interesting — I was hesitant to include this link since it’s not really about technology, but it’s unlike anything else I’ve watched in the last week.


Chatting AI with Brian Roemmele: Super Prompts, Chat GPT Hacks, AI Breakthroughs

2 hours, 19 minutes

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Brian Roemmele is one of the more compelling personalities in the AI space. He’s a huge proponent of the benefits of AI, looking to history, literature, art, and the humanities writ large as lenses to imagine the benefits of AI. This is a great longform conversation exploring Brian’s perspectives on artificial intelligence.