‘Lena’ by qtnm

~1,900 words (7-8 minute read)

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A fictional Wikipedia entry describing the “earliest executable image of the human brain” — a short story that becomes more technical and increasingly bleak as you read.


Loneliness as a “market opportunity”

18 minutes, 38 seconds

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Jules Terpak has become one of my favorite Twitter personalities, and her first YouTube video is an informative deep-dive into the rise of romantic and platonic relationships between humans and AI chatbots like CarynAI and Replika. Her new channel is great follow for anyone interested in tech and culture.


Lex Fridman interviews George Hotz: Tiny Corp, Twitter, AI Safety, Self-Driving, GPT, AGI & God

3 hours, 8 minutes, 45 seconds

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George Hotz might be my favorite personality on the entire internet. He talks like he’s attempting to hack reality, or at least his (maybe even our) perception of it.